About Us

Nothing brings the uttermost happiness than having a comfortable, refreshing, and hygienic toilet environment. Is it everyone’s dream to have an enjoyable, sweet pooping experience, an access to the best toilet and toilet accessories at an affordable and manageable price and to get the best advice on the best facilities in the world.

Buying a new toilet may seem like a pretty fast, easy and straightforward thing and an easy decision to make. What happens next? Possibly, you spend the next decade with a noisy, uncomfortable, peach-colored commode that blocks your toilet door ending up causing regrets on value lost and uncountable wishes.

Do we all expect the toilet accessories we buy to exhibit durability and probably live for years? Definitely we do. We all need peace of mind and not unnecessary sorts of headaches after purchase. Does wasting water sound cool .?A water-conserving, low-flow toilet, will help maintain those critical water reserves, especially as droughts become more and more common in certain parts of the world.

Toilet bloom is here to answer the questions by giving the right and well thought solutions to enable you make unregrettable decisions .We not only give solutions to the hardest best toilet puzzles, but offer more than building the tools for best toilets that will help everyone find the best answers.

We dig deep into comparing many features to consider when buying a toilet, including height, bowl shape, colour, style and flushing technology which continues to improve as manufacturers tinker with noise control solutions for perfect elegance and dream come true toilet experience.

Join us for an amazing unforgettable peeing and weeing experience that is guided by the following best toilet and toilet accessories pillars.

Water conservation

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, Toilets are by far the biggest water guzzlers in most U.S. homes. The survey further depicts that toilets account for approximately 30 percent of indoor water usage at homes, sucking down about 25 to 30 gallons (95 to 114 litres) per day per person. That's the equivalent of about 10,000 gallons (37,800 litres) of water per person per year. Thanks to the continuous toilet innovation that changes the narrative bit by bit.

Every month hefty water bills forms part of our budgets. We all know the more the usage the higher the bill and an equivalent high cash outflow to clear the bill. Every toilet flush accounts to the rising bill thus an important aspect on conservation. It is therefore undisputed that efficient and effective toilets are prudent to conservation of water. Toilet bloom will assist you to keep an open eye and to save you from the hefty bills.

Flushing function

One of the most crucial factors to consider while looking for the best toilets in the world is the flushing function. The better the flushing functionality, the more efficient and hygienic the toilet is. Doesn’t this end up saving us money and promote a lovely toilet ambiance?

It is evident that the best toilets in the world save water per flush, and are efficient during emptying of the bowl contents during the first flush. They also ensure Pin drop silence during the flushing process ; just one flush should clear the bowl content and save you time. Thanks to the new technologies that saves water and saves our ears from unnecessary noises. You got this right…then this is the type of toilet to look for when you are shopping for the best toilets in the world.

Cost and comfort

Is it always that the most expensive toilets are the world’s best? Do you always go for the highest priced toilet accessories? Before wavering with the idea, tickle your mind and think about the purpose, frequency of use, and it meeting the basic requirements. Then fit this within your budget. Prudently review the height, shape and material of the seat to ensure uttermost quality and then go for the one that seems durable and offers comfort over the long-term.

In the end, the best “quality” of the best toilet in the world is its quality. Cost saving is important, therefore, the better the quality of the facility, the less you have to think about the “every now and then” repair and maintenance costs and the lesser the number of plumbing services, the better. Get this fixed at onset and enjoy the beauty of quality that’s within your budget.