Which are the Best Bidet Toilet Seats?

By Big Ted, 14 Apr 2024

Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White smart toilet seat

KOHLER K-8298-0 C3 155

Saniwise ROUND bidet toilet seat

Which are the Best Bidet Toilet Seats?

There’s no denying that in spite of the uncertainty surrounding the actual use of bidets, they are a very convenient bathroom feature to have.

Bidets minimize the consumption of toilet paper, increase the sanitization levels of many users and overall they give bathrooms a more luxurious feel.

But with the heavy plumbing work involved in setting up standalone bidet fixtures, many households may shy away from that option. And that is why bidet toilet seats are a welcome option for such families.

With them, you still get to tweak features to your preference- be it water pressure, temperature settings, or other smart features- just as you would with a standalone bidet. The only difference is that you don’t have to heavily manipulate your current toilet structure.

So if you are in the market for bidet toilet seats, consider this roundup of 10 of the best bidet seats in the market today.

1 TOTO SW2034#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet

The TOTO C100 is an entry-level bidet from industry powerhouse TOTO and tell you what; this model is nothing short of the amazing reputation that the brand has built over time.


This toilet seat is suited for elongated toilet bowls and it comes with a tank water heater and the majority of the same features that are synonymous with the TOTO brand.

When it comes to looks, this isn’t the most appealing bidet you will find out there as it stands at 7.5 inches high and makes a non-discreet appearance in any bathroom.

The seat is made of polypropylene plastic that can withstand a total of 320 pounds; although it’s high back and slanting profile makes the lid prone to cracking when seated on.

All that said, if you value functionality over aesthetics then we are happy to report that the C100 will exceed all your expectations function-wise.


We loved the heated seat feature and in place of a remote control, the C100 features an easy-to-use side panel control that hosts all the features necessary for operation. Notably, the buttons are huge and easy to read.

When in use, the hot water shoots for about 40 seconds before receding to a lukewarm temperature that never really runs fully cold.


The C100 spots and antimicrobial single plastic nozzle that offers great reach and adjustability for the user.


It has 3 aerated spray modes; the feminine wash which delivers a gentler spray as well as a wider spray pattern, the rear wash and the hard spray which delivers a narrower spray with more air as compared to the other two modes.

The spray pressure on each mode is superbly strong and very effective in cleansing the nether regions. Plus, it comes with temperature and pressure controls for user personalization.


We love that the C100 further features a carbon deodorizer that; unlike many deodorizers, actually eases odor. Additionally, it features a unique pre-mist that works to prevent bodily releases from sticking to the toilet bowl.

  • Three superb spray modes 
  • Automatic deodorization
  • Unique pre-mist feature
  • Water pressure that go on a +/- scale
  • Warm air dryer and soft close lid.
  • Hot water is limited to 40 seconds
  • Protruding height renders lid not unsittable

2 SmartBidet SB-1000 Electronic bidet seat

Smart bidets truly don’t get any better than the Smartbidet SB-1000 whose advanced features will leave you wondering how you’ve survived for so long without a bidet installation. 


The Smartbidet SB-1000 is an electronic, elongated/ round bidet seat made of light molded plastic with a safety on/off sensor that activates when the bidet is seated on.

It features a water tank heater whose disadvantage is its size. With a notably huge contour, it reduces the size of the toilet bowl and in effect reduces the elongated design. 


Installation is easy, straightforward and very economic on time.

As for actual use, the seat is always warm as it takes about 20 seconds to heat up and has three settings for customized adjustments

The bidet settings are navigated with a wireless remote control with several adjustment features for easy operation.


With a spray nozzle that has a feminine setting with a wider spray pattern for females as well as a posterior spray.

The nozzle’s spray angle can be adjusted back and forth for better reach; but not side to side. 


The water takes about one to three minutes to heat up and sprays for an appropriate length of time to leave the user squeaky clean.

Other than the spray angle, the water pressure and temperature also adjust through five different levels.


The only drawback to its tank heater is that the water sprays for an accurate length of time and starts at the perfect temperature, the water temperature cools about halfway through the wash cycle.


The SB-1000 features a noise-effective slow-closing lid as well as a dryer feature. The dryer feature is not the most effective as it does not render complete drying within its allocated time

  • Temperature controlled wash functions
  • Heated seat with
  • Safety on/off sensor activates bidet when one seats
  • Affordably priced
  • Posterior and feminine wash options
  • The water tank heater cools halfway through the wash
  • Huge water tank heater

3 Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White smart toilet seat

Making a grand debut in our review is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 smart bidet seat. Listen, a lot can be said about this bidet seat but if we were to sum it up we would define it as a ‘very-tricked out toilet seat.’

And if the price is anything to go by, we dare say that this is one of the best bidets in the market today.


The BB2000 is an elongated bidet seat that can withstand up to 400 pounds and uses hybrid heating technology to continuously offer warm water.


An adjustable heated seat keeps the user’s bum warm at all times and is operated with an intuitive wireless remote.

One of our favorite features about this bidet toilet seat is energy save mode which greatly reduces electricity use and is an overall great way to conserve the environment.


The seat is designed with a 3-in-1 stainless steel nozzle that offers a feminine, posterior and patented vortex wash.  


The nozzle features an oscillation and pulsating stream with a bubble infused aerated mechanism.

The thing that stands out the most about this nozzle is that it delivers a wider water stream than most- which in turn leaves the user with a more refreshing feel after use.


Like the two aforementioned bidet seats, the BB-2000 also features a slow-closing lid but it takes things a step further with a powerful deodorizer, warm air dryer and night light feature.

  • Unlimited warm water
  • Patented 3-in-1 nozzle system
  • Superior spray pressure
  • Aerated stream from vortex spray
  • Energy save mode
  • N/A

4 ALPHA JX Elongated bidet toilet seat

With over a decade of experience in the bidet industry, the solid and reliable performance of this bidet comes as no surprise. 

The Alpha JX is a sturdy and stylish bidet seat whose low-profile design blends in so perfectly in just about any households.


As aforementioned, this elongated bidet sports a sleek low profile design but that isn’t even its best feature.

A tankless water heating system is the primary feature that makes this bidet have such a sleek look and we love that the warm water is unlimited.


Notably, the seat features a convenient quiet close lid as well as an instant and unlimited warm water supply that many users praise. 

The Alpha JX is operated with a simple and clear remote control with two of the most convenient features of all the remote controls we have come across.

The first is the EASY WASH button which activates a complete full pressure wash with nozzle oscillation; and the second is a special WASH AND DRY function that activates a full rear wash and dry function with stop functions in between.

All that at the press of a single button! 


Unlike other nozzles in our reviews, this one is aluminum made and self-cleaning which ultimately is more sanitary for users.

The nozzle also oscillates and can be adjusted for better angling for both the feminine and rear wash capability.  


Both the water temperature and spray pressure are adjustable on this model.

The nozzle delivers a powerful aerated wash into the wash stream that is preferred by the environmentally conscious as it uses 40% less water in comparison to most tank-type bidets.


The Alpha JX features a white LED nightlight that illuminates the dark when the toilet is used at night as well as a warm air dryer whose temperature can be adjusted.

  • Low profile seat with quiet operation.
  • Warm water startup has no lag
  • Specially programed ‘easy wash’ and ‘wash and dry’ functions
  • Sittable lid.
  • 3 year warranty
  • The dry function runs for a pretty short time leaving the user still wet after completion.

5 Genie Bidet (ROUND) seat

There is a lot to like about the Genie bidet seat and that it why it ranks high among the best bidet toilet seats in the market today.

Fundamentally, it is one of the most cost-effective bidets that we have ever come across.


The Genie bidet seat is a round seat with a non-electric mechanism that features one of the best hybrid T-connectors to enable its functionality.

The T-adapter is made of brass metal and is more durable than plastic ones.


The connectors is leak-proof and very easy to install. Perhaps, our favorite feature is how easily this seat snaps on and off; making cleaning the toilet far much easier. 

To put it in work mode, it features an ergonomically sized side control lever whose positioning next to the seat is very discreet.


Another great feature of the Genie bidet seat is its dual, retracting and self-cleaning nozzle. The separate nozzles function for feminine and rear cleansing


The nozzle delivers water with varying pressure settings that allow the spray level to be adjusted from soft to strong accordingly.


The Genie features a soft-close lid’ convenient for night operation or in households with new-borns. It also has a drying power, convenient for use after spraying water. 

  • Separate nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing.
  • Easy on, easy off seat
  • Easy to reach side panel
  • The bidet itself is plastic, making it easy to break in households with children

6 Brondell Swash SE400 seat

It is virtually impossible to look for a bidet seat and not come across the Brondell brand; for reasons that many of the Brondell Swash SE400 users will agree.


The SE400 is a simple bidet seat designed to fit round toilets bowls.

Its installation is hands-down the easiest we have done. Taking only about 15 minutes, the automatic installation of this bidet seat is especially attributed to the clear instructions that accompany it.  

Rather than a tankless system, it comes with a small reservoir tank and electric unit for heating purposes of the wash water.


Just like its super easy installation, the operation of this bidet seat is also super simple.

The seat has a heated feature that is pretty handy during the winter and the general operation of the bidet is through a side panel control.  

The wash cycle is appropriately lengthy but the warm water does run out after about a minute of use. But because the water streams continues to run in a lower temperature, the end-result is that the user is still left clean.


The bidet’s single nozzle is made of stainless steel and features two modes- a simple front wash and rear wash; both of which are adjustable with back and forth positioning

Otherwise perfect in operation, the only other reservation we have about this bidet is that the jet spray width is on the narrow side- and because it can’t be adjusted, one has to wiggle in order to get a good position for complete cleansing.


A great feature about the SE400 is that it has numerous settings for the water temperature and intensity (5 adjustment levels to be exact).

The best feature of this bidet is that it comes with 3 specialty buttons; the auto which runs a rear wash/dry cycled that lasts one minute, the eco which has a higher water and seat temperature and the massage button which basically differs in that it allows the pressure of the wash jet to move up and down.


Lastly, the bidet features a blue LED nightlight and a warm air dryer to up the bathroom experience.

  • Solidly-built and intuitive side panel control
  • Specialty features are pretty handy
  • Seat lid is sturdy so it can be sat on
  • Reservoir system has a hard time keeping wash water at consistent temperature
  • Wash jet width does not adjust.

7 Korea-made Trevi Bidet Toilet seat

The Trevi bidet toilet seat is a Korean-made bidet busting with luxurious features.

One thing’s for sure about this bidet seat; once you use it, the use of toilet paper becomes an archaic and unsanitary process that you won’t consider ever again.


The design of the Trevi bidet seat makes it suitable for elongated toilets.

Being only 5.3 inches tall in its rear, which is 2.2 inches shorter than the TOTO C100’s rear end, this bidet seat spots a sleek and compact frame.

Ironically, while the rear end is short, the lid does tend to protrude towards the front of the seat; even draping over it which can be unappealing to some users.

However because aesthetic is a personal preference and the functionality of the bidet s still top-notch, the bidet ranks as a winner in our books.


When it comes to installation, the process could be simpler or quicker. To put it simply, even the most technically-challenged person can take this on as a DIY process.

That aside, the seat itself operates through a very intuitive side panel control whose positioning is just stellar.

Moreover, our favorite features of the bidet is its bidet seat and power save mode which allows you to cut costs in the long run.


The Trevi bidet is equipped with a stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle which features posterior, feminine and exclusive washes.

The nozzle powerfully cleans with aerated water which mixes natural air and water and leaves the user feeling rejuvenated.

The self-cleaning works before and after a wash making it one of the most sanitary toilet-using processes.


The water pressure and temperature settings are a welcome option especially because the five different settings for each allow the user to fine-tune the bidet t their preference. 

The power of the water jet is quite strong and the nozzle conveniently oscillates back and forth for better cleansing.

  • One pocket 3-way nozzles with aerated water stream
  • Adjustable water pressure and temperature
  • Adjustable seat temperature
  • Nozzle oscillation and water pulse
  • No air dryer
  • The lid sticks over the toilet seat which may be unappealing to some users.

8 KOHLER K-8298-0 C3 155

Next up is another force in the bidet industry; the Kohler K-8298 C3 155.

If there’s anything to take home it’s that this bidet seat will upgrade your toilet experience in the most convenient ways.


The Kohler K-8298 C3 155 is an electronically powered bidet toilet seat with a slim low profile design that is very visually appealing.

This bidet fits most elongated toilet seats and uses a hybrid water heater system to continuously supply heated water.

With tight bumpers to hold this seat in place, the grip is exceptional and this eliminates the annoying side-to-side wiggling that some bidets usually have.


Here’s the thing; the appeal of this bidet seat transcends beyond its looks.

To start with, its installation takes under thirty minutes to complete and for us, the quick release detachment is great as it eases the cleaning process and makes the

With five different temperature settings, the heated seat is one of our favorite features to have and its navigation is done through a built-in side panel control.

We will warn though, that depending on the user the button functions may be easy or hard to read but all in all the panel control is easily accessible.


For running of the commode, this bidet features a stainless steel nozzle with another unique feature that we haven’t spotted with many bidets; an automatic UV light self-sanitization.

With this feature, you can be sure that the use of the bidet won’t be hazardous to your health.

Additionally, the wand can adjust its length for better reach and because of its dual cleansing feature- both males and females can have a great experience of the bidet.


The water jets have a pulsating and oscillating feature for better cleaning.

In addition to the convenience of a heated seat, this bidet allows the adjustment of its water pressure and temperature, and notably, the water pressure is high even on the lowest setting.


This bidet has the extra convenience that comes with LED lighting to illuminate the bowl in the nighttime, a quiet close lid, warm air dryer and automatic deodorization with carbon filer for odor control.

  • LED light for night navigation
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable air speed and temperature
  • Value for money
  • Wand uses UV light for automatic sanitizing
  • User buttons may be hard to read for some

9 UFFU C200 Smart Bidet toilet seat

At its price point, you won’t find a better bidet seat than the UFFU C200. In particular, the tankless operation of the C200 is one thing that is sure to blow user’s minds as they won’t have to break their banks for it.


Spotting an elongated frame, the UFFU C200 is a durable non-slip thermostatic toiler seat with a higher-than-most recommended weight limit of 570 pounds.  

This unit spots a super slim thanks to its tankless design which essentially makes the bidet better looking and more comfortable. The built-in water tank further males the bidet accommodate less space as compared to the traditional smart bidet.


First things first, the installation of the bidet was super simple and takes about twenty minutes, conveniently eliminating the need for extra trips to the hardware store or unnecessary plumber calls.

With regards to use, the bidet is equipped with a remote control for maneuvering through the bidet’s configurations.

The bidet delivers warm water ‘on-demand’ which is one of our favorite features. The constant water temperature ensures that there is no need to experience a sudden cold water jet after using the bathroom.


The C200’S stainless steel nozzle has many great features. For starters, it has a self-cleansing feature that allows the wand to do a five second self-cleanse before use.

Secondly, the nozzle has front and back wash option as well as an adjustment that allows it to move back and forth for a more thorough cleanse.


Thirdly, the water spray pressure can be adjusted between soft and strong pressure and the cleansing and drying modes last up to 90 seconds which is accurate for proper cleaning. 


The C200’s heated seat, h/c air dryer, LED night light and quiet close lid are pretty assists that add to the user experience.

  • Stylish and visually appealing
  • Instant water heater is very handy
  • Heated seat with high, middle and low settings.
  • Water spray has a broad range of adjustmen
  • Temperature settings for the air dry may be too high for some user

10 Saniwise ROUND bidet toilet seat

Last, but definitely not least in our list is the SANIWISE round bidet toilet seat. Saniwise has been in operation for decades so to say that their products are very trusted is an understatement.  

One things for sure, this bidet, just like the others in our list, leaves the user feeling fresh, clean and rejuvenated.


Made of plastic material and with a weight of 4.65 pounds, this Saniwise bidet strikes one of the simplest construction.

It’s a round toilet bidet with a contoured profile that requires at least 20 – 20.5 inches between the toilet tank and the outer edge of the bowl in order for the bidet lid to stand open

Being non-electric, this bidet is a must-have for users who seek a bidet but don’t want to deal with the frustration of installing extra units to enhance its functionality.

We noted that because of its larger size, the user does have to sit towards the front of the sit in order for it to work comfortably.


The installation of this unit is simple, concise and very straightforward thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions that come with the package. Most users also love that the package all the tools required for its installation. No extra purchases!

Its use is even simpler; only requiring a simple turn of the lever for the bidet to instantly cleanse the user’s bum in one of the most hygienic ways.


The Saniwise features a dual function; one for the front and another for the rear. The front spray is wider than the rear for female convenience.


With a simple turn of the lever, it allows the user to adjust the water pressure from soft to strong depending on their needs. However, the direction of the spray cannot be controlled so the user does have to slightly change their sitting position.

Just as the front spray is wider, it is also gentler and is guaranteed to be a hit among elderly and pregnant women.


It also features a no-pinch soft closing lid

  • Flexible water pressure
  • Quiet close lid
  • No electricity, batteries or frustrating plumbing required
  • Easy to control it with one lever
  • Dual spray
  • Most users contend that one has to sit forward a bit for the water to hit all the right places
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