How To Maintain Etiquette in Public Toilets

By Big Ted, 29 Nov 2023

Public toilets are shared spaces where you must maintain courtesy and cleanliness and consider other users. These facilities are often overlooked in bustling malls, offices, restaurants, or transportation hubs, but essential hygiene and toilet etiquette are crucial. Maintaining a harmonious environment in public toilets isn’t just about personal comfort; it's the responsibility of every user to create a harmonious space for the next person.

This article will explore the unspoken rules and etiquette that ensure a pleasant and great toilet experience in public areas. The simple acts of cleanliness foster a culture of respect and show a high level of consideration for others. Understanding and implementing proper toilet etiquette can transform these shared spaces into havens of comfort and hygiene.

Let's dive deeper into the nuances of public toilet etiquette as we uncover tips, suggestions, and gentle reminders that you are not aiming at enhancing your personal experience but contributing positively to the overall toilet culture shared in public areas.

Maintaining proper toilet etiquette in public places is essential for everyone's comfort and hygiene. Here are rules to consider anytime you visit public toilets.

Clean up after yourself

To maintain good hygiene and prevent plumbing issues, it's important to take proper care when using the toilet. After each use, make sure to flush the toilet to ensure that all waste is removed. Additionally, avoid flushing paper towels or any other waste down the toilet, as it can cause blockages in the plumbing system. Instead, dispose of these items in the provided bins to prevent any potential damage to the pipes and ensure that the toilet remains clean and functional for others to use.

Keep it tidy

To ensure the cleanliness of the toilet seat, it is recommended to use toilet paper to wipe the seat before and after use. This simple practice helps to remove any dirt or bacteria that may be present, which in turn maintains a hygienic environment for the next person. By doing this, you are looking out for your own well-being and showing consideration for others who may use the facility.

Respect others privacy

When using public toilets, it is important to be respectful of other people's privacy. This means avoiding any behavior that could make others feel uncomfortable or violated. One specific behavior to avoid is peeking into occupied toilets or unnecessarily lingering around them. Knock before entering. Give people their space and privacy by waiting patiently for an available room and then quickly and efficiently using it. By doing so, you will help to create a more comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone.

Use air fresheners

When air fresheners or sprays are available, they should be used in moderation to ensure the environment remains pleasantly fragrant. However, it is essential to consider the sensitivities of other individuals to strong scents, especially those who may have allergies or respiratory issues. In such cases, it is better to avoid using air fresheners or sprays altogether or use them in areas where those individuals are absent.

It is also important to note that using air fresheners or sprays excessively can also adversely affect our health and the environment. Therefore, it is recommended to use them sparingly and only when necessary.

Dispose of feminine hygiene products properly.

 It is vital to use the disposal bins provided in public toilets for feminine hygiene products instead of flushing them down the toilet. Flushing these products can cause blockages in the plumbing system and lead to costly repairs.

Another thing to note is that improper disposal of feminine products can be harmful to the environment and may pose health risks to sanitation workers. Using the provided disposal bins, we can help maintain clean and safe toilet facilities while also doing our part to protect the environment.

Wash your hands

It is a necessity to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet to prevent the spread of germs. When you use the toilet, you come in contact with various bacteria and viruses that can cause illnesses. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds can help remove these germs and prevent their transmission to others.

It is commonsensical to wash your hands properly, including the back of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails, as these are the areas where germs can easily accumulate after using the toilet. Remember, clean hands are the first line of defense against infections.

Avoid excessive noise

When using a public toilet, it's pivotal to be mindful of the noise level you create. It is considerate to other people using the facilities to keep the atmosphere as quiet as possible. Some common sources of loud noises in the toilet include slamming stall doors, loudly talking on the phone, or playing music without headphones. By being mindful of our surroundings, we can all contribute to a more peaceful and pleasant toilet experience.

Respect designated areas

In some public toilets, there might be specific areas designated for particular purposes, such as charging stations for babies. These areas are intended for convenience and safety. When using these areas, it is vital to use them only for their intended purposes. For example, the baby changing station should only be used for changing babies and not for other purposes.

It is crucial to ensure that these areas are kept clean and tidy for others to use. After use, please dispose of any waste properly and ensure that the area is neat and orderly. This helps to maintain hygiene and prevents the spread of germs and diseases. It is everyone's responsibility to keep these areas clean and always ready for use.

Report issues

You must report any maintenance issues as soon as you notice them, such as a leaking faucet, a broken window, or a shortage of necessary supplies. Please inform the relevant personnel or staff members responsible for maintenance, so they can promptly address the problem and prevent any potential hazards or inconvenience to you or others. Remember, reporting maintenance issues is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Clean up after children

When you are in the toilet with children, it's important to ensure that they not only flush the toilet but also clean up after themselves. Make sure that they dispose off any paper towels or other waste properly, and encourage them to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.

To add on that, remind them to use the toilet facilities appropriately and to be respectful of others who may also be using it. By doing so, you can help maintain a clean and healthy biosphere for all and sundry.

Respect gender-neutral facilities

When using gender-neutral toilets, it is crucial to be aware of and follow any specific guidelines or etiquette in order to ensure a comfortable and respectful environment for all users. This may include activities such as leaving the toilet clean and tidy, avoiding any gendered language or behaviors, and being mindful of other people's personal space and privacy.

The recognition of the fact that gender-neutral toilets are meant to be inclusive and accommodative to people of all genders and identities,has a massive impact on the comfort of Toilet users regardless of their gender.

Use minimal space and time

When sharing common spaces with others, it is prudent to be mindful of how much time you use in the toilet. For example, if you're using a shared toilet, try to take a few necessary minutes and to keep personal items in a designated area, rather than taking up excessive counter space. Avoid leaving your personal belongings scattered around the room, and instead keep them contained to your designated area or storage space. By doing so, you'll help ensure that everyone can use the public toilet comfortably and without restrictions.

Mind your hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene and using deodorant are significant aspects of personal care that can contribute to the comfort and well-being when using public toilets. Regularly showering or bathing, wearing clean clothes, brushing teeth, and using a deodorant or antiperspirant can eliminate unpleasant body odor and prevent the growth of bacteria that causes bad odor. By doing so, we can not only take care of our own health but also show consideration and respect for others who may interact with us in public toilets daily.

Assist others if needed

You always need to be aware of the people around you and to offer your assistance to someone who appears to be in need. If you notice someone who is struggling to use the toilet, approach them in a friendly and non-intrusive manner and ask if they need any help. If they do, do your best to assist them with whatever they need.

If you are unable to assist them yourself, alert someone who is capable of helping. It is important to ensure that everyone feels safe and supported while using public toilets.

Wait for cleaning to finish

It is important to ensure the cleaning process is fully completed before entering the toilet. This is to ensure that there are no potential hazards or risks to health and safety that may be present during the cleaning process. Therefore, kindly wait until the cleaning process has been thoroughly finished before using the toilet.

Refrain from smoking

The reason why smoking is not allowed in public toilets is to maintain a clean and healthy environment. This is because smoking in such areas can lead to fire accidents due to the presence of flammable materials like tissues and toilet paper. Moreover, smoking in toilets can also pose a health hazard to other users who may be exposed to second-hand smoke. Therefore, following the rules and regulations is important to ensure a safe and hygienic experience for everyone using public toilets.

Leave it better than you found

The power of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in all public toilets can never be underestimated.Therefore, very paramount to ensure the toilets are kept in a clean and tidy condition before you exit. Please ensure that the toilet seat is clean, the sink is free of dirt or debris, the hand dryer or paper towels are fully stocked, and all waste is disposed of properly. This will help keep the toilet a pleasant and welcoming place for everyone.


As we conclude our exploration of best public toilet etiquette, it is evident that the seemingly simple acts while using the toilets carry a significant impact on the other users. The foundation of a positive toilet experience is the principle of respect, consideration, and cleanliness.

Whenever we embrace this toilet etiquette in public places, we contribute to the well-being of the whole community and visitors. Each flushed the toilet, every wiped seat and the courteous gestures toward others foster an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Best toilet etiquette is not only about following rules; it's about embodying a mindset of communal responsibility. It's about recognizing that our actions, however small they may seem, impact the experiences of those who use these facilities after us.

We must continue to uphold these public toilet etiquettes, educating and encouraging others to do the same. By collectively embracing these practices, we create a welcoming, hygienic, and harmonious public experience for everyone, everywhere. Our shared commitment to proper toilet etiquette transcends mere behavior; it is a testament to our respect for others. Remember, proper etiquette in public toilets contributes to a more pleasant experience for everyone using the facilities.

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