How to Unclog a Toilet (Plus How to Do It without a Plunger)

By Big Ted, 05 Dec 2021
swiss Madison wall hung toilet

Swiss Madison Wall Hung Toilet

Toto Neorest Wall Hung Toilet

Toto Neorest Wall Hung Toilet

Swiss Madison Wall Hung Toilet

Whether you’re a toilet person or not, there’s no denying the craze that tank-less toilets have aroused.

You’re probably wondering, “What’s the big deal?”

I mean, toilets are just toilets, right? You sit on them, go about your business, and flush as soon as you are done. Well, that’s the short of it.

The long of it is that toilets can be grouped as either tank-style or tank-less depending on whether or not they use a tank for storage of flush water. The latter, which is our main point of focus, is a type of toilet that is popular for its minimal use of space, ease of installation, better hygienic construction, and high water conservation for some models.

They are also generally less conspicuous.

In essence, a lot more goes into the selection of toilets before settling on a particular toilet type. However, tank-less toilets bank on their sleeker-looking appearance. 

So what’s the best tank-less toilet? Let’s find out below.

But first, let’s go over all the bells and whistles of tank-less toilet operation then dive straight into five of the best tank-less toilets in the industry today.

How Tank-Less Toilets Function

The typical toilet is the tank-style toilet which is a gravity-powered unit that depends on the siphon’s (tube located on the lower end of the toilet) ability to suck in water and waste.

For such units, the tank of water is a useful solution that enables enough water pressure to drive waste away into the siphon tube for proper disposal. This is because it stores the water in one place such that when the flush is activated, all the water is driven into the bowl with enough pressure to clear it.

Without this pressure, the water would drain into the siphon but an actual flush wouldn’t be sustained so part of the waste would just sit in the bowl.

On the other hand, tankless toilets, as the name suggests, operate without the need for a water tank. Because the water pressure is still needed it receives water directly from the main supply line and the water is supplied at a high pressure to sustain a bowl-clearing flush.

While tank-less toilets can use the same amount of water as tank-style toilets, it is the speed with which the water is delivered that enables an effective flush.

The pressure itself can come directly from the water entering the supply line or with the help of pumps and other technologies in areas where the water pressure isn’t sufficient.

Other than the aforementioned benefits, there are a number of factors that account for this toilet’s growing popularity.

For starters, there is no chance of tank damage so you completely get rid of the headache of tank repairs. Secondly, because they are connected to the main water supply, you are always guaranteed to flush water after every use. Thirdly, in case of an unsuccessful flush, you don’t have to waste time waiting for the tank to fill up for the next flush.

Last but not least, the high-water pressure enables most tankless toilets to come with a bidet/ washlet that is usually equipped with a variety of high-tech features.

That said, here is a list of our favorite models.

1 Swiss Madison Wall Hung Toilet

Kicking us off is a wall-hung toilet from Swiss Madison.

Available in a glossy white finish that is a hit among aesthetic lovers, the Swiss Madison SM-WT450 is just the ideal toilet for minimalistic bathrooms.

Its wall-mounted design is great not only for the sleek appearance it creates but also for how easy it is to clean. And that’s one of the main reasons why this toilet is a crowd-pleaser.

When it comes to installation, the commode is well equipped with every piece needed for seamless installation.  This makes the installation a fairly easy task that we’re sure DIY enthusiasts will enjoy.

But that’s not all. It further boasts of a soft-closing lid for noise minimization which is perfect for households with newborns.

As for the actual use, its sturdy build can sustain a weight of up to 500 pounds and the adjustable height is a super bonus for users of varying heights.  

You can also choose between a lighter (0.8 gallons) and a stronger (1.28 gallons) flush accordingly.

The shortcoming is that the flesh is weak especially for solid waste. The user thus has to flush more than once in order to completely empty the bowl.

Moreover, the toilet’s downward flush does not produce a vortex so there may be cases of debris sticking to the side.

Even so, that didn’t ruin it for us as the problem can be solved with a bathroom cleaner and toilet brush if the need arises.

What it all boils down to is that this is a fabulously chic toilet well-suited for smaller spaces.

  • Easy to clean
  • Saves on space
  • Easy to install
  • Very comfortable
  • Flush could be better

1 TOTO MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest Dual Flush Toilet

If you are familiar with the toilet industry then you know that TOTO is a leading brand.

Just about every product from this company is a banger and the MS992CUMFG#01 is no different.

It’s a floor-mounted, oval-shaped toilet that is a breeze to use.

Its functionality and style are like no other thanks to the advanced features that come with it. Some of these features include; the soft-close heated seat with temperature variations, dryer feature after use, a nightlight for navigation as well as an aerated water spray with both oscillating and pulsating features.

A spray of water coats the bowl before use to keep waste from sticking to the sides and a siphon jet flushing system gets you all clean thereafter.

We also love that the lid automatically opens when a person approaches. 

The seat height may be a bit higher than standard but it is not so much that you seat on your toes while using it. 

If you are keen on saving water then you will appreciate that the toilet gives you a flushing option such that you can flush between the 1.0 GPF (gallons per flush) and the 0.8GPF accordingly.

The former can be used for longer calls while the latter is a more environment-conscious option for liquid waste.

By far, our favorite feature is that the flush works efficiently even in the low-volume setting. One flush is all you need!

The hands-free automatic flush and remote control features are also a great addendum to the toilet’s functionality. With them, the user’s hygienic standards are upheld.

Lastly, the toilet does require plumbing and an electrician to install a dedicated outlet. But when all is said and done, this commode is well worth the investment.

  • Low water flush is reliable
  • Comfortable height
  • The preheated seat is great for cold nights
  • Automatic open and close lid
  • More expensive than most
  • Being electronically powered, it consumes a lot of electricity

3 KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-hung elongated toilet bowl

There’s a lot to love about this wall-mounted toilet from Kohler.

Firstly, it comes from a brand that has established a name for itself in the toilet manufacturing industry.

The K-6299-0 is a white one-piece toilet with an elongated design that is extremely comfortable for most adults. That’s because the oval shape is easy to seat on.

It’s a type of tankless toilet that is not really tankless but qualifies as one because the tank is hidden from view by being instilled behind and within the wall.

Because the mounting hardware is completely covered from the user’s eyes, it gives the toilet a satisfactorily elegant finish that they will surely love.

Of course, its wall-hung design rubbed well with us we are big fans of maintaining a hygienic bathroom. The design just makes this really easy as you can easily mop the floor underneath.

It’s another dual flush that saves on water exceptionally well as both the 0.8 gallons per flush and 1.6 gallons per flush avail sufficient water for flushing down the liquid and solid waste; and in turn, thoroughly cleaning the toilet.

One of the few complaints we have about it is that the pressure of the flush could be better especially as one has to engage more than one flush to get toilet paper down the drain. The water that sits in the bowl after use isn’t much either.

Additionally, the Velcro on the side and back panel covers are pretty flimsy, making the toilet move about and in dire need of better attachment.

Nonetheless, the Kohler K-6299-0 secured a solid position in our review for its ideal design for minimalistic settings.

  • The in-wall tank and carrier system is completely hidden
  • Easy to clean the environs of wall-hung toilets
  • Dual flush is convenient for water conservation
  • It does not flush properly
  • Water rests too low on the bowl
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