Best Public Toilets Around the World

By Big Ted, 14 Apr 2024

Public toilet ratings vary based on cleanliness, accessibility, and services.

Both travelers and residents have a common concern, which is finding the best public toilet around them.

What are the best public toilets around the world?

This article will explore clean and accessible restrooms in cities worldwide.

Best Public Toilets in Japan

Japan is famous for its high-tech washrooms equipped with automated flushing systems, bidets, and heated seats. The country is also well known for its clean and well-kept toilets. Visitors to Japan have praised the high standard of restroom services.

Let's explore places with the best washrooms around Japan.

Train Stations

Japan has various train stations, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. These stations have the cleanest and well-maintained toilets. The restrooms are accessible to all travelers and are equipped with modern toilet components, which include heated seats and bidets.  

Department Stores

Several big departments around Japan, such as Takashimaya, have cleaned and well-maintained public conveniences. Other department stores with the best public toilets include Isetan and Mitsukoshi, which have standard toilets used by local traders, shoppers, and travelers.


Many stores around Japan are referred to as convenience stores and have good and accessible washrooms. They include Family Mart, 7-Eleven, and Lawson. The stores require users to purchase before using the restrooms.

Social attraction areas

Tourism attraction centers and parks around Japan have clean and well-kept toilets that can be used by all people visiting the areas. Some also have traditional and maintained bathrooms for cultural views.

Resting areas

Adjacent to most highways around Japan, are clean restrooms known as “PA” and “SA” Public Rest. The toilets serve travelers and amenities users around the same areas.

Shopping Centers

Japan is known for having Mega shopping centers and malls such as Tokyo Plaza, which are very clean, and with the best lavatories in the vicinity. The bathrooms are also well maintained, and well equiped for all ages to use.

Major Airports

Well-known airports around Japan, including Narita and Kansai, have clean and well-furnished comfort rooms for international and local voyagers and visitors. The investment in the washrooms is well-customized to suit a global community.

Informational Centers

In a majority of the most preferred areas by tourists, there are informational centers that offer clean and well-maintained toilets for public use. These restrooms are well customized to suit all travelers seeking information at the centers.


Shrines are one of the most visited tourist destinations around Japan. Well-known shrines are Fushimi Inari in Kyoto and Budda in Kamakura, have well-set-aside clean restrooms for visitors’ use.


Major cities around Japan have introduced modern high-tech toilets equipped with heated seats and automatic flashing and cleaning systems. The washrooms are well-known as super toilets.

Japan has invested in providing the best public toilets for its citizenry. This serves as a reflection of the country's commitment to public safety and maintainance of proper hygiene. Anyone visiting Japan is likely to come across a well-maintained and convenient bathroom.

Best Public Toilets in Singapore

Apart from Japan, Singapore has rated itself as one of the countries with well-maintained and furnished restrooms. The country has established a strict code of cleanliness that should be adhered to by anyone visiting the washrooms. This attribute makes them to have one of the best public toilets for both locals and tourists.

Residents of Singapore take public sanitariness with alot of solemnness, which extends to all public areas. Let's take a look at more areas where you can still find convenient and clean public toilets.

Mass rapid transit Stations

All MRT stations across the country have clean and well-maintained restrooms that have all amenities and are convenient for all to use.

Shopping centers and malls

All shopping centers around the country have washrooms that can be accessed by all shoppers and stall owners. One of the shopping malls with a clean and well-maintained toilet is The One Orchard shopping mall.

Tourist Attractions Centers

One of the tourist centers with clean and convenient toilets is Sentosa Island. The Island has been rated as a place with the best restroom that can be used by many tourists visiting from across the globe.

Hawkers’ centers

Maxwell Food Center is one of the hawing centers across Singapore that has the best toilets in the country. The place has clean and well suited toilets accessible to all hawkers and buyers visiting the area. Other hawker centers with clean and accessible public toilets include Lau Pa Sat.

Game parks

Jet-setters visiting game parks across Singapore can access clean and best lavatories. The restrooms are used by both indoor and outdoor families and travelers.

Hotels and eateries

All restaurants and cafes around Singapore have clean and accessible toilets to be used by the guests visiting the establishments.

Public transport stations

Most buy companies across Singapore have interchange hubs that have high-quality toilets that are accessible by all travelers. The bathrooms have a regular cleaning staff that cleanse and equip them.

Community Centers

Singapore has well-established community centers that are accessible to the public. The centers have clean and well-maintained toilets that all populations can access.

The government of Singapore has strict guidelines that require its citizens to maintain a high level of cleanliness. The same is needed for those visiting the country and using the washrooms.

Best Toilets in Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the Territories with well-established and hygienic restrooms worldwide. Visitors to the country get access to the best toilets that are well-maintained and handy.

The public in Switzerland is rated to have well-maintained restrooms that are accessible by both locals and visitors of the country. Most urban centers have clean and well-furnished toilets that tourists can use. It is now time to take a glimpse at places with the best loos to visit.

Train Stations

Anyone using Swiss train stations can access decent and well-kept facilities. One train station with a super clean and convenient Toilet is known as Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Another one that also has the same quality is Geneva Cornavin railway station.

Shopping malls

All shopping centers across the country have clean and well-maintained modern toilets. Some shopping areas with good toilets include Zurich and Geneva shopping malls.

Tourist Places

In most popular tourist destinations here, public toilets are typically well-maintained. For example, Zermatt offers exceptional sanitary establishments. The Swiss Alps is a destination that boasts of well-maintained private toilets for the comfort of tourists.

Service areas

Swiss highways and roads offer well-maintained toilets.

Public parks and spaces

Switzerland is a home to several beautifully conserved parks open to the public, including tourists.


Switzerland's public parks offer unblemished, exemplary and very nice toilets for visitors.

Restaurants and eateries

Swiss restaurants ensure that their toilets are clean and well-maintained for everyone, not just for their customers.

Public transportation

Most public transport options in the country provide well-sanitized and maintained Toilets that are available for use by all travelers and the general public. The Swiss government has pledged to uphold the standards of hygiene Public Toilets.

Whilst some restrooms require a small fee to be used, most of them are available for free to the general public. Visitors to the country must have a credit card to pay for access to government services.

Best Public Toilets in Europe

Cities across many European countries have invested in ultra-modern toilet facilities that are well preserved for public use. The toilets are found in all tourist centers, public transport stations and city centers.

Many urban centers across Europe have clean and tidy Toilets. Public Toilets are also found in tourist destinations and transport centers.

Best Public Toilets in the United States

Many places across the United States have extremely good public toilets, which include public areas, shopping malls, and public rest areas. Some of the areas with the best washrooms are;

Coffee shops and eateries

Anyone visiting restaurants and coffee shops in the United States can access ultra clean and tidy toilets. Depending on the management, some eateries may require only their customers to use the bathrooms, while others are open to the public.

Shopping centers

Major shopping centers and supermarkets have neat and clean Toilets accessible to the public. This place has huge visitors! Hence, it is always kept in good condition.

Gas filling stations and stores

Most residents around the United States of America use gas for cooking and other home uses. Gas stations receive customers 24 hours and, therefore, have well taken care of Toilets for the client’s benefit.


Main airports around the United States have clean toilets. Since airports receive many visitors, the restrooms are well maintained to be used by global visitors.

Public Libraries

All public libraries across the United States have amazing Toilet hygiene. This is the most reliable way to have a well-maintained learning system for peaceful learning.

Rest Areas

Rest areas are found along major highways across the United States. These rest areas have clean toilets for public use. It is essential for travelers using the rest areas to have restrooms.


In the United States, parks are owned by the state or nation. Toilets found in the gardens are kept well for all visitors who flock to the park daily. To establish and maintain a positive outdoor experience, the toilets are the best for public use.

Public transport stations.

Buses and trains across the United States have hubs for boarding and offloading travelers. The hubs have high efficiency toilets for public use.

Tourist Attractions

To establish a positive customer experience for visitors, tourism attraction centers and museums have Sparkling Toilets.

The hotel’s lobby rooms

Hotels that have coffee shops and restaurants have lobbies that the guests use. The toilets are well maintained to preserve the image of the hotels and considering the service they offer.

To identify clean and suitable toilets across the United States, the review and rate vary depending on the location. Locals are also able to locate the best toilets around them; therefore, they need to review various information for the best.

Best Public Toilets across Africa

People have mixed feelings about finding the best public toilets across Africa.

Africa receives many tourists, prompting the need for maintained and beautiful toilets for the public. Most public areas have luxurious restrooms as they accept different kinds of visitors worldwide.

It is time to get more insights on countries that have the best public toilets across Africa.

South Africa

Main cities across South Africa, including Cape Town and Cape Town, have the best toilets in the country. Other places with clean and quality toilets are shopping areas, airports, and tourism attraction centers.


Many destinations across Morocco, such as Marrakech and Casablanca, have the best public toilets across the country.


Several states, such as Cairo and Luxor, have the best public toilets that are well-maintained for general use.


Nairobi and Mombasa are major cities across Kenya with clean and safe safe public toilets. Other places include game parks and public rest areas.

Other countries with the best public toilets in Africa include Ghana and Seychelles.

The quality of public toilets across Africa varies depending on the country. Some countries are better developed than others. Therefore, some have well-maintained toilet systems compared to others.


Public restrooms are an integral part of our daily lives, and their quality can have a significant impact on our overall experience. As such, several initiatives are underway globally to enhance the standards of public restrooms and make them more accessible and hygienic for all users.

To achieve this, it is essential to focus on several key factors. First and foremost, maintaining proper hygiene of the Toilets should be a top priority. This includes regular cleaning of the restroom facilities, ensuring proper toilet ventilation, and providing adequate supplies such as soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer.

Accessibility of toilets is another critical aspect. Washrooms should be designed to accommodate people with disabilities, the elderly, and children. This includes providing grab bars, wheelchair-accessible toilets, and changing tables for babies.

Regular maintenance is also essential in ensuring that public restrooms remain in good condition. This includes fixing broken fixtures, repairing leaks, and replacing damaged or worn-out equipment.

Finally, raising public awareness about Toilet use and etiquette can go a long way in improving the overall toilet experience for everyone. This includes encouraging proper hand washing, discouraging vandalism or misuse of facilities, and promoting respect for other users' privacy.

By focusing on these key factors, we can ensure that public toilets provide a positive and hygienic experience to all users worldwide.

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