How To Choose the Best Toilet.

By Big Ted, 28 Feb 2022

A toilet is probably a crucial and perhaps the most important room in a home and undeniably influences the overall design of your bathroom. An unimpeachable toilet can ultimately soothe your bathroom experience. But the suitability of their visit straightforwardly relies on the sanitary devices invested there. It is prudent enough to avoid faulty Toilets and live without problems for many years.

A high performance and affordable Toilet is the best alternative and with the thousands of options to choose from, vigilance is key to selecting the most ideal toilet.

Get the Five things to consider.


Innovations make Toilet experience sweeter and sweeter. Smarter designs solve problems such as wastage of water in every flush, time wastage during every clean up, environmental pollution, pipe blockages, just to name a few. Improved designs make toilet systems last longer, efficient, and cleaner while ensuring modern room elegance.
Improvised Toilets ensure reduction of water consumption, eliminate potential blockages, ensures sanitation in emergency, and of course make work easier through self-cleaning technology. Perfectly embracing modern technology toilets translates to undoubtedly the best ecological sanitation where faeces and urine are considered a resource and not waste.
It is time to choose a toilet at the vanguard of fashion and technology. Why not chose a toilet with ease of installation? A fully integrated water tank into the bowl? With additional comfort and improved hygiene? A stylish, convenient Toilet with features such as automatic flashing, night light, self-cleaning nozzle and a soft-closing lead? Let’s go for the best Eco-friendly and suitable for users.

2.Bathroom Design

Bathroom design should sprightly influence the choice of Toilet. The two complementary facilities colour and add substantial value to our living space thus needs a resembling appeal. A toilet with a distasteful and different appeal will diminish the bathroom’s impression, and substantially affect the room’s serviceability and lower the room’s desirability.

Are Toilets being available in many varieties? Yes, Toilets come in all sorts of styles, shapes, sizes, and colours. If you have a traditional, transitional, modern, eclectic, or contemporary bath, there are myriad options to consider at every glance. Your Toilet should be the best fit in the bathroom design. The following factors determine the Type of Toilet for the different bathroom designs.

One-piece Toilets-These are smooth and glossy toilets that have amalgamated both the toilet and the bowl as a unit. It is best suited for a modern or contemporary bathroom. There are advantages are the ease to clean and dry dirt and installation than other toilets making them efficient. One-piece toilets are mostly found in modern, contemporary, and eclectic bathrooms due shiny and lustrous appearance.

Two-piece Toilets-consist of two units: a bowl and a tank that is bolted on top. Depending on the model, you may be able to mix and match your bowl and tank. If you are interchanging your tank and bowl, make sure the tank securely lines up with your bowl’s bolt holes. Two-piece toilets work well with a variety of styles.

Tankless Toilets-are a revolutionary technology that have improvised features of the old toilet systems. With a concrete flushing system and waste disposal allows you to save space and evidently minimalizes semblance that is complementary to bathrooms regardless of its size. Tankless toilets are easier to clean and maintain. Their flushing power is fast and efficient owing to their direct and effective connection to a water supply line. The Tankless Toilet well suits contemporary, eclectic, and modern styles.

Wall-mounted Toilets, also called wall-hung toilets, are bolted into the wall and saving floor space. Having considered the disabled family members with limited mobility, a wall-mounted toilet makes transfers from wheelchairs and walkers easier. This up to the minute type of toilet is also supreme for smaller bathrooms. Before selecting this toilet type, make sure that your walls are thick enough to support the toilet. Wall-mounted toilets make a perfect complement of modern, contemporary, and eclectic interiors.

3.Water Efficiency

Water conservation is paramount, not only by saving our pockets from heavy bills but cardinal to conservation of the environment. Old model toilets flush at a high rate of 3.5 gallons of water per single flush. With advancement, efficiency has been boosted. Now, with improved toilet flushing versions such as vacuum, pressurised flush, dual flush, Siphonic trap and cyclone flush high flushing efficiency we get perfect water saving mechanism. Can we save toilet water by 50%? Yes, with hydraulic designs and High Efficiency Toilets which flush at a super rate of 1.28 gallons per flush, this is achieved.

However, for quintessential performance, Ultrahigh efficiency Toilets are the best. They flush at a rate of as low as 1.0 gallon per flush, while maintaining Top Gear performance, and ultimately the best water saving toilets. Distinguished Toilet solutions such as Vacuum water saving toilets, Tankless Toilets, Tornado flush Toilets, Pressure assist Toilets, Dual Flush Toilets, Recycled water Toilets, Composting Toilets, Pee Poo and Smart Toilet, are optimal eye openers.

We not only want to save money on the un unusually high-water bills, but topmost efficient flush performance is paramount. With dual flush, High Efficiency Toilet or Ultra-highly Efficient Toilet, eureka.

4.Accessible Toilets

A toilet suitable for everyone? An accessible toilet is designed to serve people with physical disabilities and limited mobility. Accessible toilets are an absolute necessity for many people living with disabilities. The design features allow individuals with an array of disabilities to use the toilet as safely effectively and comfortably and independently as possible.

Before then, we need to comprehend who Accessible Toilets are meant for.

  • Individuals with mobility impairment
  • Wheelchair users
  • People with balance issues, grip issues, or other conditions that make support rails useful
  • People with a range of invisible disabilities who also need to use the facilities
  • People with bowel and/or bladder conditions

Top most and effective wheelchair-friendly toilet features include:

i.A higher toilet seat

Higher toilet seats make it easier to stand and sit for people with reduced mobility. Shifts to and from a wheelchair is made easier and safer by raising the seat of an accessible toilet making the toilet suitable for use, this is since the seat height is more equal between the two.

ii.An accessible door

Accessible toilet doors are designed for easier entrance and exit to the Toilet. Automation of Disabled Toilet doors by installing hands free sensors or by pushing buttons makes it easier for wheelchair users to access the facility. A wider than normal doorways enable wheelchair users to easily roll in and out of the toilet room. The entrance should have minimal obstruction to facilitate easier movement of the wheelchair. The door should be light weight to enable opening with minimal effort. The opening of the door should outwards where the door can still be opened easily in an emergency.

Other extended safety features may include an override function on the outside, where braille is installed underneath the open and close buttons to facilitate access by the vision impaired and with aa voice activated system that can be used to open and close the doors.

iii.Solid Grab railsGrab rails are a rudimentary trademark of an accessible toilet. They provide support, stability and balance for the users while using the toilet and are hygienic and safe.

iv.Low mirrors and sinks

Accessible Toilet mirrors and sinks should be placed at a lower height. This makes easily reachable and useable for anyone seated in a wheelchair.

v.Easy-to-use tap and bin designs

Automated and easy-to-use tap designs doesn’t require much force. There is need for less difficulty in the grip for persons with disabilities.

The operation of Bins should be easy without subjection of much force. It’s also crucial that Toilet bins are large enough to enable multiple users to discreetly dispose waste materials without strain.

Within reach soap, paper towels, hand dryer, hooks, and toilet paper

An accessible toilet must have utilities placed within reach for wheelchair users. This requires hanging items such as Tissue papers at a lower height than in standard toilets for easier access.
Hand dryers and paper towels should also be placed close to the sink. This is a perfect aid for users who will not have to touch their wheelchairs or crutches with wet hands as they reach out to driers.


An accessible toilet must be spacious enough to enable easier movement of a wheelchair. It should be well organized to enable a clear and unobstructed wheelchair turning. A space on both sides of the toilet of a minimum of 90 cm should be available so that wheelchair users can transfer onto the toilet seat from either side, spacing is a necessity where the toilet should not be used for storage of other unnecessary items to create sufficient space.

vii.An emergency alarm cords

An efficient accessible toilet needs an emergency alarm. This ensures clear signal communication in case of an accident in the Toilet where someone has fallen from the wheelchair and needs urgent assistance. The alarm should be hung close to the ground with an easy to reach button that is inside the toilet.

ix.Changing Places Facilities

Changing Places Facilities is undeniably a plus to accessible Toilets. These. It includes features such as a changing bed among others that allow individuals who are unable to use standard toilet to use the Accessible toilet with comfort and eminence.


Is a sense of direction necessary? Illustrational signs such as a wheelchair icon is salient to anyone in need to show an accessible Toilet exists and gives operational directions.

5.Consider Toilet Performance.

One of the frequently used facilities in a house is the Bathroom. When selecting a Toilet, quality should never be compromised. Hi standard, elegant, and High-performance toilet consideration is key. A toilet with great flushing performance can help eliminate clogs as well as dirt in the bowl.

Other Salient Features

  • Cost and Comfort, chose a High-quality Toilet that is affordable and has suitable features such as height, shape, material, with a comfortable seat and durable.
  • Minimal noise on Closure: No more noise on closure of the toilet lid. Chose a toilet with a quiet-close toilet seat.
    • Quick release: A quick-release toilet seat allows for simple Toilet cleaning and replacement.
    • Easy to clean: Tied of every now and then Toilet cleaning exercise? This feature perfectly suits you! Modern toilets have an antibacterial coating, that prevent bacteria and always ensure proper hygiene.
    • Bidet technology: A high-quality toilet-bidet combination enables high standard sanitation and reduces wastage of Toilet papers. Don’t hesitate, find out more on Bidet Technology.


    We rarely discuss about Toilets but, Toilets are conceivably one of the most essential utilities in our homes. A toilet is a basic appliance that no home can dwell without, therefore, its importance can never be underestimated. A well-chosen quality Toilet lasts for years and minimizes costs such as water bills and repair costs, ensures a hygienic living environment among others. No more worries? No more stress? Make the best choice at purchase.


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